Transaction Data

Request one-off or ongoing access to a stream of unified transaction data. Transaction data is standardised and then enriched (where relevant) with the trading name, category, logo, location, and more.

Transaction Data API Guide

Step 1


Choose an account to connect.

Step 2


Provide consent and log in.

Step 3


That account is now connected to your app.


Aggregate and enrich transaction data across all accounts

Get access to an ongoing stream of transaction data that has been standardised and enriched.

Ongoing verification of income and expenses

Ongoing visibility of changes in income, spending, and high risk merchants.

Apply off-the-shelf or custom category sets

Akahu automatically assigns a category from one of our 500+ base layer categories. We can map these base layer categories to your preferred category set (or you can map at your end).

Support CCCFA compliance

Improve the precision of decisioning by using the most advanced transaction enrichment system in New Zealand.

Support CoFI compliance

Ongoing visibility of a customer enables a lender to largely automate CoFI processes.

Transactions is used by:

Response Sample

Get all transactions from connected accounts within the requested date range.

Other Use Cases




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