About Akahu

Akahu maintains deeply functional data integrations with NZ banks and other financial institutions. We bundle those integrations into a simple API for developers.

Akahu supports the development of Consumer Data Rights in New Zealand, and we intend to evolve our integrations into that purpose-built regulatory regime when it rolls out and matures.

A quick background

Akahu’s journey began when Ben Lynch was working in the bank feeds team at Xero in 2013. He grew frustrated with the unreliable intermediary data integrations that were used to fetch transaction data into Xero, and decided to build integrations for his personal bank accounts.

That side project turned into a full time project called Jude, where the data integrations were used to power features like account aggregation, round-up, and sweeping.

Then In December 2020, the data integrations were transferred into a new company called Akahu, and became available as an API product to external developers. We announced an investment from the venture arm of Westpac New Zealand at that same time.

Our people

Image of Ben Lynch

Ben Lynch

Founder, CEO
Image of Josh Daniell

Josh Daniell

Co-founder, COO
Oliver Fawcett

Oliver Fawcett

Co-founder, Software Engineer
Photo of David Browne.

David Browne

Engineering Lead
William Bradley

William Bradley

Software Engineer

Join our team

We’re always searching for people who want to lead the development of open finance in New Zealand.

If you're a software engineer, designer, or security engineer with a passion for giving consumers control of their data, check out our careers page for open roles.

What's with the name?

Akahu is a made-up word.

It had the practical hallmarks - short, good domains available, doesn't breach anyone's IP.

But it was inspired by a word relating to custodianship. We consider that to be our most important role - a trusted custodian of data connections for consumers.

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Using the API

Keen to get started right now? Create a personal app which will grant you instant API access to your own accounts.

If you want access to a full app, contact us and we'll set it up.

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Contract services

Our team can provide contract services to explore or build the functionality that you have in mind.

We'd love to discuss the options with you.

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