Giving people control of their data

Akahu’s purpose is to give people control of their data.

We do that by providing the easiest way to connect your financial accounts to trusted third parties.

About Us
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A few products that you can connect your accounts to

You can choose to connect your bank, KiwiSaver, investment, and other financial accounts.

Image showing the flow of connecting your data securely to another product, and staying in control of those connections via MyAkahuImage showing the steps for a consumer to connect their data, share is securely, and have ongoing visibility and control of that connection.

How we handle your data

We obtain your consent
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We do not sell or rent your data
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Akahu obtains your consent before carrying out any instruction regarding your accounts.

Read our Privacy Notice

We do not sell or rent your data for research or marketing purposes. Your data is shared with the products that you explicitly grant access to, and is not sold to other parties.

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Staying in control of your data

The purpose of Akahu is to give you control of your data. You choose whether to connect your accounts to other products, and you can disconnect accounts at any time.

If you’ve given ongoing account access to another product via Akahu, you can login to MyAkahu for visibility and control of that connection. You can also delete your data from Akahu at any time.


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