Akahu Connect

Akahu Connect is an outsourced open banking API solution for New Zealand banks.

It enables your customers to connect their bank accounts to third party services in a secure way, without sharing login credentials.

The solution can be deployed in as little as 12 weeks, and does not require a single line of code from the bank.

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Consent management

Give your customers the ability to view and revoke any ongoing access that has been granted to third party services, all within your existing mobile and web channels.

Comply with API standards

Akahu can add an API transformation layer to meet industry or regulatory requirements.

Explore the options

We acknowledge that open banking presents a range of threats and opportunities for banks to navigate.

Akahu Connect is a fast-to-deliver, inexpensive option for banks to meet API compliance requirements, freeing up your resources and time to pursue the opportunities that open banking brings.

Contact us to discuss the range of implementation options that are available. For example:

  • You may prefer to own versus licence the solution.
  • You may have existing purpose-built APIs that can integrated into the solution.
  • You may prefer that Akahu manages the due diligence, bilateral contract, and ongoing support for third parties that seek access to your new open banking APIs.
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