Your data.
Our priority.

Akahu’s purpose is to give people control of their data.

We do that by providing a simple way to connect your financial accounts to the apps and services you love.

Below you’ll find information about how we provide this account connectivity while keeping security and privacy as core priorities.

You control your data

You choose whether to connect your accounts to other products, and you can disconnect accounts at any time.

If you’ve given ongoing account access to another product via Akahu, you can login to MyAkahu for visibility and control of that connection. You can also delete your data from Akahu at any time.


How we handle your data

We obtain your consent

Akahu will obtain your consent before carrying out any instruction regarding your accounts.

We do not sell or rent
your data

We do not sell or rent your data for research or marketing purposes. Your data is shared with the apps that you explicitly grant access to, and is not sold to other parties.

Read our Privacy Notice

Security is our highest priority

Security is the highest priority at Akahu when designing our products and processes. We handle all data as if it’s our own (we all use Akahu, so some of it is).

Secure cloud infrastructure

We use modern cloud services (AWS) in order to leverage their world leading infrastructure and security controls.


We use 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption.

Independent testing

We carry out regular internal and external security testing.

Reducing exposure to credentials

Some open finance platforms allow apps to collect your login credentials. If you connect your financial accounts to an app via Akahu, the app will never handle your credentials.

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