Akahu is New Zealand’s
open finance platform.

We maintain deeply functional data integrations with NZ banks and other financial institutions. We bundle those integrations into a simple API for developers.

Akahu’s purpose is to give people control of their data. We work with reputable third party developers who deliver that purpose through their products.

Step 1


Choose an account to connect.

Step 2


Provide consent and log in.

Step 3


That account is now connected to your app.

Who's Using Akahu

Akahu Enables

Akahu's API supports both one-off and ongoing account connectivity. Our team is here to help you navigate the options and make decisions about how to power your use cases.

Built for developers by developers

We’re solely focussed on providing the best account connectivity in New Zealand.

Our aim is to make it simple and secure to build on top of our open finance infrastructure.

API Docs
Image with logos of some of the integrations that are supported by Akahu.

Option one

Use the API right now

The fastest way to get started is to create a sandboxed personal app. This can be created at my.akahu.nz, and will grant you instant API access to your own accounts.

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Option Two

Get full API access

If you’re ready to create a full app for testing with multiple users, just get in touch and we’ll send you credentials.

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