Banks hold a trove of data about us. They collect our identity details, record our transaction data, and maintain our account balances. You can use this data for KYC, AML, and other compliance use cases.

Verification Guide

Leverage bank data for compliance

Common use cases include:

  • Verify address: Verify address from connected accounts to avoid manual address verification.
  • Verify user's identity: Match the logged in name from connected accounts to the name on a driver licence or passport. This avoids the need for biometric verification in an AML process.
  • Verify bank account: Verify the account holder and account number.
  • Reduce fraud: Fetch data directly from the source to reduce the risk of fraud with paper and digital documents.
  • KiwiSaver withdrawals: Fetch transaction data to automate and collect evidence for hardship applications.
  • Income verification: Collect transaction data to support the source of funds in an AML¬†process.

Used by:

Response Sample

Consumers connect their financial accounts to your application via Akahu's OAuth connection flow.

Upon completion of that connection flow, your application holds a user token that enables programmatic interactivity with connected accounts via Akahu's API. The user token is scoped to the specific permissions granted by the consumer.

  "parties": [
      "party": {
        "initials": ["F"],
        "type": "INDIVIDUAL",
        "family_name": "BAGGINS",
        "given_name": "FRODO",
        "full_name": "FRODO BAGGINS",
        "prefix": "MR",
        "gender": "MALE"
      "mobiles": [
          "value": "+64223224334",
          "verified": "TRUE"
      "emails": [
          "value": "",
          "verified": "TRUE"
      "addresses": [
          "components": {
            "street": "27 Bag End",
            "suburb": "Bagshot Row",
            "city": "Hobbiton",
            "region": "Hobbiton",
            "postal_code": "1011",
            "country": "New Zealand"
          "type": "RESIDENTIAL",
          "value": "27 Bag End, Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, 1011",
          "formatted_address": "27 Bag End, Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, 1011, New Zealand",
          "place_id": "ChIJ1111111111111111111"
          "type": "POSTAL",
          "value": "27 Bag End, Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, 1011"
  "accounts": [
      "address": "27 Bag End, Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, 1011",
      "bank": "Kiwibank",
      "account_number": "38-9009-0000000-00",
      "holder": "F BAGGINS"
  "source": {
    "_id": "conn_cjgaac5at000001qi2yw8ftil",
    "name": "Kiwibank",
    "logo": ""
  "_id": "id_ckvvj11111111111111",
  "status": "COMPLETE"

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