Request one-off or ongoing access to account data. Aggregate information from bank, investment, KiwiSaver, and other financial accounts.

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Account balances and metadata

Get one-off or ongoing access to balances and account metadata. This data is standardised across providers and simple to work with.

Commonly used to provide features like net worth tracking, product comparison, and to provide a holistic view of a user's financial life.

Enriched transaction data

Get one-off or ongoing access to transaction data. This data is standardised across providers and enriched with merchant details.

Commonly used in accounting solutions, personal finance tools, and loan applications.

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Response Sample

Consumers connect their financial accounts to your application via Akahu's OAuth connection flow.

Upon completion of that connection flow, your application holds a user token that enables programmatic interactivity with connected accounts via Akahu's API. The user token is scoped to the specific permissions granted by the consumer.

  "_id": "acc_cks9ty1ok000311111111111",
  "connection": {
    "name": "Kiwibank",
    "logo": "",
    "_id": "conn_cjgaac5at000001qi2yw8ftil"
  "name": "Joint spending",
  "status": "ACTIVE",
  "formatted_account": "38-9017-0000000-04",
  "meta": {
    "holder": "ARWEN UNDOMIEL",
    "address": "TA 241, Rivendell, 1011, Reunited Kingdom"
  "refreshed": {
    "balance": "2021-11-11T22:15:46.418Z",
    "meta": "2021-11-11T22:15:46.418Z",
    "transactions": "2021-11-11T22:15:50.058Z"
  "balance": {
    "available": 7658.46,
    "currency": "NZD",
    "current": 8413.88,
    "overdrawn": false
  "attributes": [
  "type": "CHECKING"

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