Once a bank account is connected, you can initiate a payment with a simple API call. It's an order of magnitude cheaper than cards, faster to settle, simple to reconcile, and convenient for users.

Payments Guide

Link a bank account, just like linking a card

A user connects their account once and grants ongoing consent to payment initiation.


Enable a user to set up one-off or recurring payments, without needing to leave your app. You'll get confirmation that the payment has been initiated, and an ETA of when the funds will arrive. You can input a unique reference to ensure automated reconciliation. Check the available balance to ensure that the user won't incur dishonour or overdraft fees. Reduce fraud by verifying the holder of the account, and relying on strong customer authentication when the bank account is linked to your app.

Open banking payments in action

Open banking payments are commonly used in payroll services, payment apps, ecommerce, payouts, and funding online accounts.

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Code Sample

Consumers connect their financial accounts to your application via Akahu's OAuth connection flow.

Upon completion of that connection flow, your application holds a user token that enables programmatic interactivity with connected accounts via Akahu's API. The user token is scoped to the specific permissions granted by the consumer.

import { AkahuClient } from 'akahu';

const akahu = new AkahuClient({ appToken });
const payment = await akahu.payments.create(userToken, {
  from: "acc_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  to: {
    name: "John Smith",
    account_number: "01-1234-1234567-00"
  amount: 10,

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