Loan Application Summaries

Akahu can ingest PDF bank statements that are supplied by a loan applicant or broker, and convert them into a simple, accurate, loan application summary.

This service can be used by lenders and brokers to significantly reduce the human time spent assessing loan applications, saving up to 5 hours per application.

You can start using the service today without any technical integrations.

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Loan Application Summaries uses Akahu's market-leading transaction enrichment and categorisation process. We classify income, detect transfers, surface alerts, categorise spending, and provide you with a high quality output that you can trust.


Loan Application Summaries is able to process a large volume of PDF documents in seconds, returning you a human-friendly output file that enables you to make fast decisions regarding the loan application.

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Our team is available to discuss the options for implementing Loan Application Summaries.

We can provide support to technically integrate Loan Application Summaries into your existing workflows.

Alternatively, you may want to use one of our no-code options, or get started with a simple trial.

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