Rabobank, Akahu, and PaySauce

Rabobank account connectivity

Rabobank and Akahu have put in place measures which allow Rabobank customers to link their bank accounts to third party products like PaySauce.

Who is Akahu

Akahu is an open finance intermediary which maintains data integrations with New Zealand banks.

Products like PaySauce can use these integrations to automate payments.

Payments in PaySauce

Through Akahu, a PaySauce customer can now link their Rabobank account and grant an "enduring payment consent". Once the Rabobank account is linked, the PaySauce customer can simply tap a "pay now" button after approving each payrun.

This automation saves time, avoids manual handling of batch payment files, and avoids sharing bank login details with staff that manage payroll.

PaySauce provides more information and a helper video on this page.

Final words

For more information, please contact PaySauce, Akahu, or Rabobank.

Enjoy the automated payments!

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