Account Data

Request one-off or ongoing access to accounts. Aggregate balances and other details from bank, investment, KiwiSaver, and other financial accounts.

Account Data API Guide

Step 1


Choose an account to connect.

Step 2


Provide consent and log in.

Step 3


That account is now connected to your app.


Show a user the full picture of their financial life

Put everything into one place, and give users a reason to engage with their finances through your product.

Aggregate balances and monitor net worth

Provide a dynamic view of net worth. Have a reason to engage with users through notifications of relevant events.

Personalise your engagement

With a better understanding of your customer, your engagement can be personalised and more effective.

Accounts is used by:

Response Sample

Get details of all connected accounts. The response depends on the permissions you obtained from the user.

Other Use Cases




Transaction Data

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