Once a bank account is connected, you can initiate a payment with a simple API call. It's an order of magnitude cheaper than cards, faster to settle, simple to reconcile, and convenient for users.

Payments API Guide

Step 1


Choose an account to connect.

Step 2


Provide consent and log in.

Step 3


That account is now connected to your app.


Link a bank account, just like linking a card

A user connects their account once and grants ongoing consent to payment initiation.

Fund an account

Enable 1-tap or recurring payments into a digital wallet or account. Everything happens in-app. You'll get confirmation that the payment has been initiated, and an ETA of when the funds will arrive, so you can enable the user to get started with your product straightaway.

Online retail payments

An order of magnitude cheaper than cards, faster settlement, no chargebacks. Reduce fraud by verifying the holder of the connected bank account.

Loan repayments

Replace direct debits with API-driven payments. Check the available balance to avoid pushing the user into unexpected bank fees. Run ad-hoc payments at any time.

BNPL repayments

Replace card payments with API-driven payments. An order of magnitude cheaper than cards, and faster settlement.


Connect a business account to automate payouts to users or suppliers.

Payments is used by:

Code Sample

Initiate a payment with a simple API call.

Other Use Cases



Transaction Data

Account Data

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