Banks hold a trove of data about us. They collect our identity details, record our transaction data, and maintain our account balances. You can use this data for KYC, AML, and other compliance use cases.

Verification API Guide

Step 1


Choose an account to connect.

Step 2


Provide consent and log in.

Step 3


That account is now connected to your app.


Verify bank account

Verify that an account is held in the name of your customer. Verify the bank account number.

Verify address

Increase the rate of automatic address verification. Reduce AML exception handling.

Link the customer to their claimed identity

Match the name on the account to the name presented by a customer in their driver licence or passport. This matching process can be used as a replacement for biometric verification.

Verification is used by:

Response Sample

Get the account details such as holder, account number, address, and more.

Other Use Cases



Transaction Data

Account Data

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